About Us


About Us

Efresh is an Aussie Shop built and designed for Australians  who want to buy their groceries online. Our mission is to deliver  quality fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as select grocery lines -  direct from the markets to your door at a competitive price. We achieve  all of this with top class customer service, the kind of service you  don't get from your regular supermarkets.

We have over 15 years market experience, and we put it all to good  use making sure that your experience with efresh is better than shopping  any other way - for FRESHNESS, QUALITY and CONVENIENCE.


Fresher than fresh

 Efresh staff are fresh produce experts operating directly from the  major Brisbane markets. And because we live and breathe fresh produce,  efresh guarantees that only the best produce will find it's way into  your shopping basket.We deliver straight from the market to your door. Our produce is not  repeatedly packed, unpacked, picked up and squeezed by strangers.  Therefore our produce is fresher than you can ever buy in a store. 


Easy for you

 No more busy traffic, car parks or crowds. To help you save time and  money, efresh delivers the benefits of a fresh produce market right in  the comfort of your own home. No more spending hours wandering shopping  aisles. Our online shopping service allows you to store your shopping  lists to save you more than an hour each time you shop. No more waiting  in queues. When you are done shopping you can purchase your goods  quickly and safely via credit card.